Our specialties

Medical imaging

X-ray images, as well as other types of scans, are essential tools for all doctors. They enable our specialists to make an accurate diagnosis. Our various scans and examinations are performed exclusively by experts in radiology and reported directly to your doctor.

Medical imaging is an essential tool for making a quick and precise diagnosis to optimize the treatment process.

These tools enable the efficient identification of injuries and issues in the body. Medical imaging is used in many of our treatment methods and processes.
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Stomach and intestinal surgery

At aCure Private Hospital, you will find doctors, experts, and specialists in all types of gastrointestinal diseases. Our experienced and skilled surgeons perform all relevant surgical procedures with expertise and experience.

Conditions such as hernias, gallstones, stomach pain, and issues with the colon are common and well-known diseases and conditions affecting many Danes every year.

At aCure Private Hospital, we can provide highly specialized investigation and treatment of most diseases within the gastrointestinal system.
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Spinal surgery

Many people experience periods of back pain. In cases of persistent and severe pain in the back or neck, our experienced spine specialists offer a thorough and prompt investigation using clinical examination and advanced imaging.

Fundamentally, all forms of spinal surgery involve some form of operation or intervention in the back. Often, the need for spinal surgery arises from diseases that limit the ability to lead a normal life and drastically reduce the quality of life.

For many years, aCure's spine specialists have refined and developed various techniques and surgical procedures that enable surgeries on patients with painful, chronic spinal conditions.
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Orthopedic surgery

Orthopedic surgery involves treatments and surgeries related to bones, joints, and tendons. At aCure Private Hospital, you will find experts and specialists in all aspects of orthopedic procedures and treatment methods. Our experienced team of specialists has many years of experience and expertise in the field.

Therefore, you will always be in safe hands, and your treatment will be designed with deep and comprehensive insight.

Orthopedic issues often originate from sports injuries, injuries related to physical work, or injuries resulting from leisure activities. These problems can typically cause significant pain and difficulty with physical activity.

We plan and base our treatment programs on your individual issues. To create the right program and treatment, we collaborate across various medical disciplines, and if necessary, involve experts in rheumatology, radiology, and other necessary specialties.
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Our doctors

Anders Troelsen

Professor, överläkare, specialist i ortopedisk kirurgi

Anders Wykman

Överläkare, specialist i ortopedisk kirurgi

Andreas Nordholm-Carstensen​

Specialist i mag-tarmkirurgi, Ph.D

Henrik Schrøder

Överläkare, specialist i ortopedisk kirurgi

Michael Nielsen

Överläkare, doktor, specialist i ortopedisk kirurgi med inriktning på ryggkirurgi

Michel Boeckstyns

Överläkare, med. dr., specialist i ortopedisk kirurgi med expertis inom handkirurgi

Mikkel Westen

Överläkare, specialist i magtarmkirurgi

Morten Kramhøft

Överläkare, specialist i ortopedisk kirurgi

Peder Burgaard

Specialist i ortopedisk kirurgi. Expert inom allmän ortopedisk kirurgi, traumatologi och omfattande erfarenhet av artroskopisk kirurgi i leder

Peter Jensen

Överläkare, specialist i ortopedisk kirurgi med inriktning på ryggkirurgi

Thomas Kiær

Överläkare, med. dr., specialist i ortopedisk kirurgi med inriktning på ryggkirurgi, verkställande direktör och ansvarig läkare för företaget

Contact info

Jægersborgvej 64-66, 2800 Kgs. Lyngby
Phone: +45 73 70 67 01

Opening hours:

Monday - Friday: 8:00-15:30
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