Medical imaging

Medical imaging

At aCure Private Hospital, we can offer several different examinations when it comes to medical imaging. The ability to use medical imaging is relevant for patients where it is necessary to look inside the body in a non-invasive way. When we say non-invasive, it means that we can look inside your body using equipment that does not require making an incision.

By undergoing an examination using medical imaging, you will either have an MRI scan, an ultrasound scan, or an X-ray examination. The examinations take a very short time, allowing you to quickly determine if everything appears to be as it should.

All three forms of medical imaging are painless, and they take from 10 to 60 minutes. An X-ray examination will take 10-20 minutes, an ultrasound examination will take 10-30 minutes, and an MRI scan will take about 30-60 minutes.

Scans and X-rays at aCureScans and X-rays at aCure

MRI scan
Ultra sound

Image diagnostics performed by competent personnel

Our staff and our doctors specialize in working with image diagnostics, and for this type of examination, you are always in safe hands with us. Our three doctors specializing in image diagnostics have extensive experience in radiology, meaning they are skilled at assessing the results of your examination.

Whether you undergo an MRI scan, ultrasound scan, or X-ray examination, you can confidently expect that the examination will be conducted accurately and with a focus on you as a patient.

At aCure Private Hospital, we excel at listening to our patients, prioritizing your health. Our experienced staff is both professional and attentive, ensuring that you receive competent treatment while being heard and taken seriously.

Image diagnostics at a private hospital

There are many reasons to choose to undergo an imaging diagnostic examination at a private hospital rather than in the public sector. You should choose us because you desire high quality, professionalism, fair prices, and friendly staff who always listen to you. Our doctors and other staff are responsive to your questions and any concerns you may have, and we always do everything we can to make you feel secure.

You are in safe hands when you are at our private hospital, whether you come in for an informative discussion, need an examination, or require follow-up treatment. Our fair prices mean there is no reason to delay getting the treatment you need. Do not postpone the imaging diagnostics you want to have done.

Radiological examination

Another term for imaging diagnostics is a radiological examination. Therefore, you may encounter both terms with us. The term "imaging diagnostics" refers to the medium resulting from the examination, whereas the term "radiological examination" refers to the method of the examination.

All examinations at our facility are conducted using the best equipment available on the market. This is to ensure your safety and to be able to treat you in the most optimal way. We keep up with advancements, and therefore, we also have a strong focus on having good, up-to-date, and efficient equipment.

At aCure Private Hospital, we are experts in imaging diagnostics. We have the latest technology in MRI scanning, ultrasound, and X-rays. All our examinations are assessed by specialist doctors in radiology and imaging diagnostics in close collaboration with the attending physician.

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