Stomach and intestinal surgery

Stomach and intestinal surgery

Stomach and intestinal surgery encompasses issues such as hernias, gallstones, stomach pain, and problems with the colon, which are common and well-known conditions affecting many Danes every year.

At aCure Private Hospital, we can provide highly specialized investigation and treatment for most diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

We offer, among other things:

Investigation of stomach pain
Diagnosis and treatment of gallbladder issues
Hernias (scar hernias, umbilical hernias, inguinal hernias)
Investigation and treatment of diseases in the colon
At our facility, you don't have to wait for ultrasound, MRI scans, and endoscopic examinations of the stomach and colon.

Another aspect you receive as a patient with us is secure treatment with a focus on helping you as a patient. We welcome all types of patients in need of stomach and intestinal surgery, and our specialists are happy to assist with investigation and diagnosis.

The individual stomach and intestinal surgeon will examine you thoroughly, and scans and endoscopic examinations may also be conducted to precisely determine the issue within your body.

Having issues with the stomach and/or intestines can be a significant obstacle for our patients, and therefore, we do everything we can to provide a quick and accurate diagnosis so that you can proceed with investigation and receive treatment or potential surgery.

Specialists in stomach and intestinal surgery

If surgery is required to resolve the problem, you are in safe hands with our skilled stomach and intestinal surgeons.

At aCure Private Hospital, we excel at identifying problems both inside and outside the body, and we do our best to minimize the waiting time for each individual patient, which may be highly appreciated if the patient comes to us from the public healthcare system and thus utilizes our treatment/waiting time guarantee.

You can confidently reach out to us for investigation and potential stomach and/or intestinal surgery. Most of the surgeries our stomach and intestinal surgeons perform will be done the same day, minimizing disruption for you. You should be fasting, and then we will either perform the surgery or conduct an endoscopic examination.


Suffering from hernias can be very troublesome and painful, so if you are one of those with this problem, you can contact us. We will examine you, and if surgery is required, you will get it as soon as possible. We use the latest equipment and have updated knowledge about hernias and other diseases.

Hernias can occur in various forms, and here at aCure Private Hospital, we specialize, among other things, in the diagnosis, treatment, and surgery of scar hernias, umbilical hernias, and inguinal hernias. Whether surgery is required depends on each individual patient and the specific hernia, but fundamentally, we perform surgery only if there are indications for it.

A surgery with us is as minimally invasive as possible. It is done to spare you as a patient and make subsequent recovery easier. Our stomach and intestinal surgeons are competent and therefore adept at performing efficient and optimal surgeries, even if it involves only a small incision.

Stomach pain

Living with stomach pain can also be very troublesome, but when you come to aCure Private Hospital, you no longer have to simply 'live with' your stomach pain. We will conduct a quick, efficient, and accurate investigation of you as a patient. Through thorough examinations, we will determine whether the problem is in or around the stomach, the colon, or elsewhere.

Call or write to us today to get rid of your stomach pain.

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