Spinal surgery

Spinal surgery

Most people experience periods of back pain. In cases of persistent and severe pain in the lower back or neck, with or without radiation to the arms or legs, our experienced spine specialists offer a thorough and prompt investigation using clinical examination and advanced imaging technology.

After the diagnosis, such as herniated disc, spinal stenosis (narrowing of the spinal canal), spinal defects, spinal deformities, nerve pain, or osteoarthritis-related pain, a treatment plan will be developed in consultation with the patient and after careful consideration of any surgical options.

Following thorough examinations of your back and possibly other parts of your body, we help you manage your problems by either prescribing medication, providing exercises, or, if necessary, performing surgery. Surgery (spinal surgery) may be considered if exercises, medication, or relief measures have not had a positive effect on your symptoms.

However, there are always risks associated with surgeries, so we only perform spinal surgery if we assess it as necessary.

What is spinal surgery?

Surgery involves opening a person's body to access its interior. It can be likened to taking a car to a mechanic, where the mechanic has to disassemble the car. It's not sufficient to just open the hood or give the surface a new coat of paint.

The word "surgery" comes from Greek (cheirurgiké) and means "work with the hand." In Danish, surgery involves addressing diseases and issues through surgical procedures. When mentioning the word "surgery," it refers to an operation, so spinal surgery is therefore an operation on the back.

Despite the term, it may also involve operations on the lower back and neck, but what they have in common is that they are related to the spine.

When do you need back surgery?

As mentioned in the introduction, back surgery is an option when there are no other treatment possibilities. If it involves a back injury that only requires time to heal, followed by rehabilitation and regular exercises until the back returns to its previous condition, we will likely not recommend surgery.

We also will not recommend surgery if it is deemed to be too risky compared to the benefits it may provide.

Whether you have lower back, upper back, or neck pain, we will always evaluate each case carefully. In consultation with you, our spine surgeons will confer with each other to ensure that you receive the best possible treatment. Surgery will be considered if it is deemed to be safe or if your back pain is so limiting that there are no better alternatives.

Specialist in spinal surgery

When you turn to aCure Private Hospital, you will always experience a secure environment and competent care from our knowledgeable staff. Our expertise is reflected in our specialists in spinal surgery and medical secretaries who welcome you at the clinic.

Our three experienced spine surgeons, Michael Nielsen, Peter Jensen, and Thomas Kiær, have many years of experience in spinal surgeries, ensuring you are in safe hands.

It is not meant for a human body to be in pain when in motion. Therefore, we are here to help you manage your back problems.

If you have any questions for any of our three specialists in spinal surgery, do not hesitate to call or write to us. You can also use the contact form below.

We offer surgeries for the following back issues:

Nerve compression in the lower back (spinal stenosis)
Nerve compression or spinal cord compression in the neck (spinal stenosis)
Herniated disc in the entire spine (disc prolapse)
Vertebral fractures
Coccyx pain
Surgery for benign tumors
Osteoarthritis pain (joint fusion surgeries)
All surgeries are performed by experienced surgeons with many years of expertise, and the latest and most gentle techniques are utilized in all procedures. Investigation and treatment of spinal surgery. At aCure Private Hospital, we provide a secure and modern process for the investigation and treatment of spinal surgery. We offer treatment by leading specialists in spinal surgery.

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